MultiSimO team

"The MultiSimO team works in collaboration with multidisciplinary researchers at the interface of engineering, computer science and applied mathematics and strives to find simple and disruptive engineering solutions"

investigator (UPCT)

Dr. Jesús Martínez Frutos

Multidisciplinary & Structural Optimization, Surrogate-based design, GPU computing

PosTdoc researcher (UPCT)

Dr. Inocencio Castañar

Fluid-Structure interaction, ROM, Topology optimization

investigator (UPCT)

Dr. Rogelio Ortigosa

Computational Mechanics, Nonlinear Multiphysics, Computational homogenization


MSc. Alberto Pérez

Machine learning, electro-mechanics, optimal control


Dr. Alex Ferrer

Topology optimization, Material design, Computational homogenization and dehomogenization, Multiscale problems, Additive Manufacturing

investigator (UPCT)

Prof. Francisco Periago

Optimal control and design of PDEs, Machine learning, Stochastic PDEs

investigator (SU)

Prof. Antonio Gil

Computational Mechanics, in-silico modelling, Electro-magneto-acusto-mechanics, Large Strain dynamics, Finite Elements/Volume Methods